Booklist and Other Stuffs.

I’ve been struggling to describe my politics. I think this is a start. I also think it’s something others might be interested in. So, I’m going to share it here. I know this started as a way to blog about my journey in needle works. It’s obviously changed/morphed. So here it goes. Here is my reading list – yes, this is just for the first 6 months of 2017.

Book must read reading list:
  • Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom – by Thomas E. Ricks (Amazon: – Really the entire book boils down to the afterward. If you already know what Churchill & Orwell are really all about, and most do not, you can just go to B&N pick up the book and read the afterward right there. If you do not know about the Churchill & Orwell life journeys then buy the book and read it cover to cover…. Like this: Did you know that JFK’s father worked to sabotage US/UK relations to keep Rosevelt from helping the UK defend itself from Nazi Germany?
  • Letter from Birmingham Jail – by Martin Luther King Jr (about the letter:, PDF: Written in the margins of a newspaper during his stay in a Birmingham jail this details the theme described in the previous afterward. It makes plain the reasoning necessary to combat apathy.
  • A Colony In A Nation – By Chris Hayes (Amazon:, ) – A description of what America is for the poor in America today with historical context that resonates with the previous two. Gives me an understandable perspective regarding why Ferguson was a thing and how blind I’ve been to the issues that face the poor in America today. Did you know that even if we released all people of color in prisons today. We would still be the #1 country by prison population?
I’m intensely interested in understanding the past so I can better understand how we arrived at today. Maybe learn something about how to begin fixing it. I won’t know who I should vote for in the next election otherwise…
Foundation reading list:
  • Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind – by Yuval Noah Harari (Amazon: – Laying down perspective. Listened to this 3 times.
  • Homo Deus – by Yuval Noah Harari (Amazon: – More perspective more topical regarding where our global society is heading. Listened to this 3 times.
  • Liberal Fascism – by Jonah Goldberg (Amazon: – This one bursts a bubble: Fascism grew from the left. Under the Nazi’s the left was killed off and the right picked up the baton. Yeah. Blew me away. Brings some topical things to light about the history of Fascism and what our nation seems to be forming up to become (good or bad). Like, Did you know that the social programs sparked under JFK are basically at their core Fascist? This was not seen as a bad thing because the nasty ethnic cleansing aspects are left out. This book led me to the next one.
  • One Minute to Midnight – One Minute to Midnight: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro on the Brink of Nuclear War – by Michael Dobbs (Amazon: – I listened to this one at the same time I listened to Liberal Fascism. I wanted to know more about JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy. These two remind me of how Trump has modeled his executive branch. By brining in family to advise him directly. Helping me understand why JFK’s model worked and Trump’s is a bull in a china shop.
Those led me to and from these through various avenues. I’ve been listening and reading these for years. So this is outside the 2017 book list above.
  • Waking Up – Podcast by Sam Harris – ( Start with episode #73 an interview with Charles Murray. I got hooked into this through something I don’t remember at the moment, but it has become key to my journey. I came away from this very interested in Charles Murray. Mostly because of how much sense the next two books made. I have not read the The Bell Curve – the one Charles Murray is most known for – but that one matters less, so far, compared to the next two books. To close this one Sam Harris is also very interesting.
  • Loosing Ground: American Social Policy, 1950-1980 – by Charles Murray (Amazon: – Just read it. Describes using data of the time the social programs I never understood the origin of.
  • Coming Apart: The state of White America, 1960-2010 – by Charles Murray (Amazon: Again, just read it. It’s REAL important for context.
  • Common Sense podcasts – by Dan Carlin ( – Listen to ALL of them. I think this guy’s politics fits mine best. I can’t quantify that in writing yet.
  • Hardcore History podcasts – by Dan Carlin ( – Listen to ALL of them. They are amazing and give a LOT of historical context.
All of these are available in audio form (from Audible) or are available on whatever podcast app you might have access to.