Fiori Autunnali Knitted Lace Knitting Needle Art

Fiori Autunnali – Craftsy Class by Romi Hill

This class is really good for learning new things about lace. It uses a pattern called Fiori Autunnali. It’s start is really unique and the way it transitions, while a little complex, has lots of help for you in how you can rescue yourself from missteps.

I started this version of it with a nice lace merino wool. After starting the first ‘wing’ I realized some of the starting areas didn’t line up, so I’m unsure if I will finish this one. Julia is telling me I should finish it and let it be as it is. I’m inclined to agree because I have all the yarn I need to finish it. In any case this version will be beautiful.

I bought the yarn meant for the project in Roasted Pumpkin (Miss Babs Wild Silk) and another that interests me for different reasons, Buttercup (Miss Babs Mulberry Silk). I will keep an eye out for issues in my arrangement and try and find suitable beads (another new thing for me) for each. Maybe these will be State Fair entries one day.

I know one things for sure. I LOVE making lace.