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Atlanticus CAL (2018) 2019 V2 Scrumptious Lush – Basic Info

I’ve decided to make two of these. Mostly because of the yarn I found for it. I am working through all 4 skeins of this at once. As the color changes for each skein. I switch skeins until all of that color has been worked into the piece. I expect this to be a LONG term project as there are 4000M of yarn to work. If you count both versions it’s 8000M of yarn.

I am working towards getting in around 4-5 rows per week. There are around 116 rows to this piece. We’ll see how much I have left when I’m done!

I’ll keep updating progress with more posts.


Name: Sheepjes Whirl

Color: Scrumptious Lush, Color 777, Lot 7078

Yardage: 4000M

Yarn details
Yarn details

Date Started: 4/23/2018


Name: Atlanticus Compendium

Hook: 3.5mm

Link:  Atlanticus Compendium 

Ravelry Images: Medium Image


Progress 6/22/2019
Progress 6/22/2019