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The 9/11 That Should Have Never Been

I’m very sad today. Because so many people have lost their lives. Not only in the 9/11 attacks. Something we all watched as it happened. None of it fake. All of it real. Also for the loss since then in wars related to it.

Three thousand people died on 9/11  ( and as a consequence about three hundred seventy thousand others – that’s 370,000 people – have perished as a direct result in the wars since, and at least an additional eight hundred thousand – that’s 800,000 more people – have died indirectly ( All because a group of people @ the NSA wanted to rake in a few hundred billion dollars.

All of this would have been prevented by the use of ThinThread @ the NSA. A program that proved the NSA had the data already collected a month before 9/11. ThinThread’s creators were not allowed to analyze the data with the application until October 2001. ThinThread’s analysis revealed the attackers connections with Al Qaeda would have been available to the executive branch real time a month before the 9/11 tragedy. The program would have also protected our privacy.

In 2005 this act of fraud was covered up by the Justice Department. They continued to spend the money and violate the privacy of every single American citizen.

Watch A Good American (2015) – His sophisticated data-gathering program identified terror threats in real time. A month before 9/11, it was cancelled. The documentary is available on Netflix.

I love you all and I’m real sad…

I’m done with government waste for today. I’m going to close out this day of remembrance by working while watching some corporate waste (The Office)


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