Fatal Force…

I’m a little disturbed by some data I found… I thought I would be wrong. I am not wrong. We should all be listening to *some* of the noise media is making about police killings in America. Thanks Washington Post for making some of the assumptions I had been making, more concrete. []
Yes, there is data from 2015 too. The independent analysis I completed this evening used information from all of the deaths from Jan 1, 2015 through roughly 12 hours prior to this post as reported by The Washington Post. A link to the downloadable dataset (in CSV format) is available at the link above.
We should be questioning everything.
I will not publish my findings. I am too afraid of them because I never like publishing a problem without some kind of idea how the problem can be solved. I know I do not hold any answers. I do not have the tools to recommend, correct, or even give a hint as to a solution. Go, do your own digging. Come up with some ideas/solutions of your own. Chat with me about them if you want. The people who know me. Know where to find me. 
Please know that there are many Americans out there making assumptions. Many are making the wrong assumptions. I would have *loved* to be wrong about this. Please, everyone, be safe out there.

Life Needle Art

Facebook advertising…

Something I’ve learned through observation. They don’t know yet that you have actually bought the item they are advertising to you. Good example:

Facebook advertisement...

I bought the Estonian Dreams pattern and yarn from Craftsy about a week ago. However, they have not stopped showing me this pattern. I welcome the day when the retailer can ‘thank’ you for being a customer by NOT pestering me again for a while. Like for year… Go away now…



New beginnings, and a new place to roost!

It’s a time of new beginnings. Our new Starbucks location opened this morning. While we didn’t make it in time to make the ‘first purchase’. I did make it to sit and work this morning. While the location is smaller, which I have come to expect with SB drive thru’s. It is comfortable and well powered!! Plugs EVERYWHERE! Good times!

Front DoorLobbyIMG_8100

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Change and an end of an era…

K&M SB Closing


Around about 2004 Starbucks opened Kenneth & Madison. Since it was close to family it was a great place to ride to and work from. It has been my goto location since then. After 12 years Starbucks is closing the cafe and moving to a brand new drive through @ Madison & Hazel. The old store closes today @ 5pm.

The new place is different. That’s OK. I’m looking forward to new times at the new place. It opens on July 28th at 430am. 🙂

The new place is going to be here:

Beef Beef Food Smoking

Ribeye Roast Smoke

Ok! I finally documented this kind of cook!

* Full ribeye Roast – ~16lbs
* Fine salt
* Coarse sea salt/Kosher Salt
* Lightly ground pepper

Smoker warmed up to ~375/400F. Place roast in the smoker with temperature probes already placed. One probe in the middle, and one on each end. Cook at 375F for 15-30 min. Reduce smoker temp to 240 and cook until the middle probe reads ~135F. Pull the roast and let rest for 30-40 min before slicing into it. (This is the hardest part!!!) Probe temp will increase to 140-145F. The ends will be well done, and the middle will be perfectly rare.

You have to remember to use the probes. You can’t use a timing method. General cook time is between 4-5 hours.


I purchased my roast from Sam’s Club. Note that this is a full ribeye roast – 18 to 20″ in length.


I apply the fine salt first. Nothing too heavy. Just enough to coat the fat layer. Then comes the coarse salt and coarse ground pepper.


Finished roast. Lovely…


Rest In Peace Aunt Margaret Nagl

My first memories of you were from a visit to Iowa as a small child. Your house was just a cinderblock basement at the time. I remember your laugh, your smile, being outside, and the fascinating trains that would go by right near your back doorstep. I was probably under 10 years old because I remember everyone being so big.

Aside from being at the farmhouse. These are some of my best memories and all of them since are full of love and joy. You and your place has always been a magnet for me. Of all of it; the family; the places; the people; the things… I will miss you the most.

It is OK, it will be OK, as long as there is love. Never ending bottomless Love.

Please rest now. Go filled with LOVE.


Fiori Autunnali Knitted Lace Knitting Needle Art

Fiori Autunnali – Update 4


More progress with the wild silk version. Well into chart C. Fun times!!


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Fiori Autunnali – Update 3

The work on the Wild Silk version continues! Thanks to help from Julia. I am sureI have the right beads. Using them in the work proves it!!

More progress to come!image

Good times…


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Order By Phone App @ Starbucks 

Yup! It’s been a long time coming and it’s finally here! The only thing I’m missing is a ‘splash of lemon aid’ and an 8-cup press!

Hopefully they add ‘custom requests’ to handle the first and add an item for the press!!

Lovely times. I still talk to my barista. Gotta keep the human in the system.

Music - the good stuff

Hard core liquid…

Lovely Awesomeness. Intensely independent and outside the box. These guys are producing high quality music. Simply beautiful stuff…

Yeah, it’s Justin Bieber, so the fuck what? I used to joke about him. He was playing the teen boy toy… Now I think differently. Ask JackU and they say he’s freaking amazing. Because they are all about the music, a quality independently driven process and don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks. They have the creds in my bool. They are doing it! 

I hope they keep it up. 300 shows a year is tough. I hope they become real about how that can tear you and yours down. Get real guys. So you can make music until your body grows too old to move. 

I’ll do the same as a lover of life, people, needle work and of course software engineering…