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I have been a software engineer for a good many years. It’s been so long that the language doesn’t matter. Use the tech that best fits the job! My grandmother, Ruth Goodman, taught me crochet back in 2007. It took me 5 years to make my first blanket. I’ll have pictures of it up soon. Along with many other projects I have started. I taught myself knitting using YouTube! Honestly, you can reach out to learn anything with YouTube.  Find a stitch in a pattern and their directions suck? Look it up on YouTube and an example can probably be found there. Sometimes there is nothing like a video when dealing with some of these stitches!

While on this journey I fell in love with all things textile. From weaving to tatting. I have started some project or explored it to an extent that would boggle the mind.

If you’d like to reach out to ask questions or whatever use the contact form below.

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