Fatal Force…

I’m a little disturbed by some data I found… I thought I would be wrong. I am not wrong. We should all be listening to *some* of the noise media is making about police killings in America. Thanks Washington Post for making some of the assumptions I had been making, more concrete. []
Yes, there is data from 2015 too. The independent analysis I completed this evening used information from all of the deaths from Jan 1, 2015 through roughly 12 hours prior to this post as reported by The Washington Post. A link to the downloadable dataset (in CSV format) is available at the link above.
We should be questioning everything.
I will not publish my findings. I am too afraid of them because I never like publishing a problem without some kind of idea how the problem can be solved. I know I do not hold any answers. I do not have the tools to recommend, correct, or even give a hint as to a solution. Go, do your own digging. Come up with some ideas/solutions of your own. Chat with me about them if you want. The people who know me. Know where to find me. 
Please know that there are many Americans out there making assumptions. Many are making the wrong assumptions. I would have *loved* to be wrong about this. Please, everyone, be safe out there.