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Ribeye Roast Smoke

Ok! I finally documented this kind of cook!

* Full ribeye Roast – ~16lbs
* Fine salt
* Coarse sea salt/Kosher Salt
* Lightly ground pepper

Smoker warmed up to ~375/400F. Place roast in the smoker with temperature probes already placed. One probe in the middle, and one on each end. Cook at 375F for 15-30 min. Reduce smoker temp to 240 and cook until the middle probe reads ~135F. Pull the roast and let rest for 30-40 min before slicing into it. (This is the hardest part!!!) Probe temp will increase to 140-145F. The ends will be well done, and the middle will be perfectly rare.

You have to remember to use the probes. You can’t use a timing method. General cook time is between 4-5 hours.


I purchased my roast from Sam’s Club. Note that this is a full ribeye roast – 18 to 20″ in length.


I apply the fine salt first. Nothing too heavy. Just enough to coat the fat layer. Then comes the coarse salt and coarse ground pepper.


Finished roast. Lovely…