Doing It Like A Man

Needle artwork (and other stuff) made by a Man.

The 9/11 That Should Have Never Been

I’m very sad today. Because so many people have lost their lives. Not only in the 9/11 attacks. Something we all watched as it happened. None of it fake. All of it real. Also for the loss since then in wars related to it. Three thousand people died on 9/11  ( and as a consequence…

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Antsle – Private Cloud Device – Review & Expanding Windows Volumes

First this device is awesome and is invaluable (worth every penny) if you are doing development of any kind these days. Many of my deployments these days are to Windows based retail point of sale systems. Integrations mostly. I’ve been running a Windows Server 2008 R2 on my MacBook Pro using VMWare Fusion. This has…

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