Doing It Like A Man

Needle artwork (and other stuff) made by a Man.

Estonian Dream Shawl, take one…

Got this one started! Using Artyarns Milano crimson  pattern is by Judy Marples. Not many mistakes to go back for this time. (Knock on wood)

Fiori Autunnali – Update 4

More progress with the wild silk version. Well into chart C. Fun times!!  

Fiori Autunnali – Update 3

The work on the Wild Silk version continues! Thanks to help from Julia. I am sureI have the right beads. Using them in the work proves it!! More progress to come! Good times…

Fiori Autunnali – Update 2

In “Wild Silk”. After third restart I’m using rescue thread!  

Fiori Autunnali – Update

Started the first wing. Pretty happy with progress. Working flat has made the traditional knot stitch more difficult and slower. Makes me want to knit though the back loop. But doing that would make the yarn settle differently making the work look different. Keeping it traditional. Looking back the piece had some mistakes completely due…

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Fiori Autunnali – Craftsy Class by Romi Hill

This class is really good for learning new things about lace. It uses a pattern called Fiori Autunnali. It’s start is really unique and the way it transitions, while a little complex, has lots of help for you in how you can rescue yourself from missteps. I started this version of it with a…

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Fir Trees Cowl Update

I’ve been working on this one for a little more than two years. I’m almost done! It’s a simple lace pattern done in a lace/fingering weight yarn ( made of a blend of Yak and Silk. The color is ruby, and it’s as soft and warm as it looks. The pattern is here:  

Song of the Sea in Quartz Finished!

That’s right! All blocked and finished! It’s not quite dry yet. Just one more day!   The Ravelry project is here!

FoxxyLady Scarf

Hey Everyone! I’ve been working on this one for months – off and on. Loving this yarn! Here is a link to the Ravelry project!

Song of the Sea

Hello Everyone! I started this one on a whim, mostly because I was bored and I had some Galileo yarn sitting near me. I love working this yarn and I have several ongoing projects in various colorways using it. Here’s my progress in the last week or so.     Link to the Ravelry project…

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