Doing It Like A Man

Needle artwork (and other stuff) made by a Man.

Fir Trees Cowl Update

I’ve been working on this one for a little more than two years. I’m almost done! It’s a simple lace pattern done in a lace/fingering weight yarn ( made of a blend of Yak and Silk. The color is ruby, and it’s as soft and warm as it looks. The pattern is here:  

Song of the Sea in Quartz Finished!

That’s right! All blocked and finished! It’s not quite dry yet. Just one more day!   The Ravelry project is here!

FoxxyLady Scarf

Hey Everyone! I’ve been working on this one for months – off and on. Loving this yarn! Here is a link to the Ravelry project!

Song of the Sea

Hello Everyone! I started this one on a whim, mostly because I was bored and I had some Galileo yarn sitting near me. I love working this yarn and I have several ongoing projects in various colorways using it. Here’s my progress in the last week or so.     Link to the Ravelry project…

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Alfajor Hat – Part Two

It’s done! This hat took a lot of quality time to finish and I’m really happy with it! Here are the just finished and blocking pics. 🙂

The Story Of A Doily

My grandmother Ruth taught me to crochet around about 2007. I started with granny squares and then put it down for a few years. Then I met Julia. She strongly encouraged my proclivity for needle work. Now I knit and crochet as an extreme pastime. I have LOTS of projects going. There are some special…

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Alfajor Hat

Awesome looking hat pattern by Lisa R. Myers. I’m making this one with Wanton Fibers hand dyed baby camel and silk (50%/50%). Very soft and warm and a wonder to knit with. I’ll write more as I have more to show 😉  

A new Fir Trees Cowl project start

The pattern was designed by Marly Bird (Ravelry:, and Bijou Basin: I’m using a custom dyed 100% Tencel yarn by Prisim of St Petersburg, FL ( I have several projects using this pattern, and I love them all so far. But this yarn handles the best. It’s also VERY soft. Babetta’s Yarn is where I…

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